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Water Resources And Conservation Courses

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GWPL/WRC1Water Resource Management: Principles and Best Practices for Sustainable Water Allocation and Conservation3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/WRC2Flood Risk Management: Strategies for Assessing, Mitigating, and Responding to Flood Hazards3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/WRC3Water Conservation and Efficiency: Techniques for Promoting Responsible Water Use and Implementing Conservation Measures3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/WRC4Integrated Water Resources Management: Approaches for Coordinating Across Multiple Sectors and Stakeholders3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/WRC5Climate Change and Water Resources: Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change on Water Availability and Quality3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/WRC6Water Policy and Governance: Analyzing and Developing Effective Policies to Manage Water Resources3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/WRC7Drought Management: Building Resilience and Preparedness to Address Water Scarcity and Drought Conditions3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/WRC8Community Engagement in Water Management: Strategies for Engaging and Empowering Communities in Water Conservation Efforts3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
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