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Legislature Based Courses

Code Courses
GWPL/LBC1Interagency Coordination and Collaboration: Building Effective Relationships with Other Government Agencies3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/LBC2Strategic Planning and Performance Management: Key Strategies for Successful Outcomes in Government Collaboration and Partnerships3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/LBC3Change Management and Innovation: Managing Change and Leading Innovation in Public Policy3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/LBC4Project Management and Oversight: Essential Tools and Strategies for Managing Successful Projects and Overseeing Partner Agencies3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/LBC5Budget and Fiscal Management: Understanding Budgeting and Fiscal Management in Government Collaborations3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/LBC6Communication and Conflict Resolution: Strategies for Effective Communication, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution in Interagency Partnerships3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/LBC7Policy Making and Implementation: Developing and Leading Public Policy Implementation Efforts and Interagency Policy Teams3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
GWPL/LBC8Legal Issues and Ethics: Understanding the Complex Legal Issues and Ethics of Public Collaboration3 days3500Kenya,Rwanda,Southafrica,Nigeria
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